About Jason Cantrell

My name is Jason Cantrell and I’m a full time missionary to the pre-born of Atlanta. There’s been a holocaust going on in our country for almost 50 years and we as a nation have legally murdered over 60 million innocent babies that were created in God’s image. In Atlanta, we have a dozen abortion clinics where these babies are put to death every day – not only from the state of Georgia but from all over the southeast. I’m out at the clinics five days a week to offer help, hope, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m connected to two pregnancy centers in the Atlanta area where we can get these women the physical help they need. But I’m also concerned about their souls so I put an emphasis on sharing the gospel and warning them according to the scriptures. I stand on the last lines of defense for these innocent babies. Would you please consider supporting this ministry? Any monthly donation would go a long way to helping me continue serving in these dark places. Please watch the video below and feel free to contact me at anytime. Thank you so much.
In Christ,
Proverbs 24:10-12

Planned Parenthood Atlanta.

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